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Embarques Río de la Plata

We have a team of over 30 years of experience, which is at your disposal to listen to your concerns, give advice, continuous care.

From the first step to delivering on the door of your house explain every detail to make your move much easier and efective.

Also we own a fleet of trucks for all types of transport and own fully equipped deposits in Argentina, Uruguay, New Jersey and Miami, Fl We specialize in Moving & Shipping to Argentina and Uruguay.

More About Us

• Optimize your move
• Provide a price within your budget
• Ensure high quality service
• Correctly assist our customers with all types of existing expenditures from origin to final destination. Our daily challenge is to prioritize and ensure the interests of our clients.

Embarques Rio de la Plata is a modern company is action and collective creativity, cooperation and concentration of efforts to achieve results and benefits packages in order to achieve our objectives and those of our customers. We create the perfect balance between high quality of our service and personal attention that distinguishes us and differentiates us from other companies. We are a family company with the same fin.

Thanks to clarity and transparency in dealing with our clients we have positioned ourselves at the top in our field.

Offering personalized service

Listen to customers concerns
Be proactive and meet their needs
Facilitate the work of our colleagues
Excellent competitive prices
Honesty and Clarity

... Enter the business excellence

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